My coach and mentor, John C. Maxwell believes that “Talent is never enough.” And, after 30+ years of being a business owner working with people every day, I agree with John. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that talent does play a role in success. However, most of the business owners I’ve known over the… Read More

8 Reasons You’re Living a Life with Limits Potential – it’s a word that provides us with hope, optimism, success and so much more! When I think of the word potential, I immediately think of possibility. Every human being on the face of the earth was created for greatness – you have unlimited potential. You… Read More

Let Go So You Can Enjoy the Holiday Sh*t Show It’s that time of year again – the holiday festivities have begun. Bring on another year of decking the halls, trying to find the perfect gift, pulling out the Christmas tree decorations, checking yards and yards of lights all while listening to hours upon hours… Read More

I don’t know about you but I’m already thinking about the upcoming holidays… and not in a good way. I’m stressing myself out about it actually. This year there will be an empty chair. The empty chair is the one that my mom would have been sitting in, surrounded by friends and family. My mom,… Read More

I have officially joined the PXT Select™ Authorized Partner Network and can now provide PXT Select™ assessment solutions to organizations throughout North America.   What is PXT Select? PXT Select is the market’s newest selection assessment and empowers organizations with a simple, human, and smart approach to hiring. As a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner, I… Read More

Does your team need rescuing? The news coverage of the Thai cave rescue has provided so many inspirational lessons. One that resonated with me was that during the rescue, the Thai Navy SEALS attempted to retrieve the strongest boys first in order to build courage and momentum for the weaker ones. John Maxwell talks about… Read More

Meetings don’t need to be dreaded; they need to be done effectively. It’s simple, but hard work.  Follow these three rules and get the most out of your meetings. The meeting before the meeting. Preparation for a meeting is a must.  Set your agenda with the key players.  The agenda may be set and followed… Read More

Be the one they choose! Follow these steps and get that job!!! Know your audience. Do research on the company where you are applying.   Know what they do, and where they do it.  Notice anything unique about the company and mention it sometime during the interview. Smile.  Something so simple yet powerful! Thank everyone you… Read More

Twenty-Two   My brother Kenneth E. Smith had less than 90 days left in the Army when he was killed in Cambodia on May 15, 1970.   He was to be married in October.    His fiancé had her wedding dress already.  Although she was able to return it, the life she had planned never happened, a… Read More

Thank you to all veterans who serve our country.  My name is Emily Lindus. I am currently writing a book titled “Twenty-Two”. That was the age of my brother, Kenneth E. Smith, when he was killed in Cambodia: that is also the number of veterans that commit suicide every day. I am writing the stories of… Read More